Thursday, May 9, 2013

New Release: Gift Book by Marcia Hornok

Fruit of the Spirit: Inspiration for Women from Galatians 5:22-23 is a delightful women’s devotional that celebrates the fruit of the Spirit and the joy it brings to a Christian’s life. Thoughtful readings speak to the heart of the reader. Memorable quotations and poignant spiritual insights add to the rich spiritual depth of the 192-page book. Set in a charming 4-color design, Fruit of the Spirit the perfect book to give as a gift or use for personal quiet time.

This 4.5" x 6" Gift Book is not only the "fruit of my hands," it is the fruit of my  broken arms. Injuries last summer forced me to stop other activities to concentrate on studying and writing to meet my contract deadline

The colors and graphics are beautiful. I love the font and layout, and the paper weight quality of the pages is great. I am so proud of it.  

Christian author R. J. Thesman says, "Sometimes it seems as if I’m trying to push myself on other people, just for the purpose of sales. I hate that. But the truth is, I worked hard to write my book, and I feel the words have meaning and purpose....We want more sales, because that means more and more people will find encouragement for their faith journey."

Fruit of the Spirit is available from Amazon,, and in hard copy ($7.99), Kindle, and NOOK. 

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