Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Quotes that Convict Me

From Philip Nation: All leaders face the temptation to love their work for God more than God Himself. It is our own temptation toward idolatry. To speakers, I would say that they should love Jesus more than their words about Him. For worship leaders, love God more than the music about Him. No matter what else happens on the platform, it will be obvious where your passion rests.

From Dan Block (per Leah) – The Sunday service should be the culmination of the personal worship you’ve done all week. The purpose of worship is to connect with God, which I should do every day by abiding in fellowship with Him. What He says to me through His Word is probably more important than what I say to Him. (ie. sermon over singing???).
Worship has become too casual and too equated with music. Praise is part of worship but so is lament.
The biblical word ‘worship’ does not mean ‘praise.’ It means ‘prostration.’ Therefore worship is more about surrendering than it is about getting a good feeling in church.

From Carolyn Arends, Christianity Today, Oct 2009:
I suspect I have sometimes used spiritual disciplines as smoke signals to get God’s attention. Now I am learning they are ways of letting Him capture mine.

Re: Evangelism – I don’t have to give a nonbeliever something I have that she does not. I need only invite her to open herself up to God and respond to what He is doing in her life.

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  1. That quote on worship and Sunday church changed my whole perspective. Good stuff...thanks!