Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Grandkids--The Glory of our Grey Heads

People joke about their grandkids being more fun to have around than their kids were. Their bumper stickers say their grandchildren are superior to yours.

While grands are delightful, there is something that tickles me even more, and that is observing what devoted and conscientious parents our children are. I doubt they got it from us! But nevertheless, there it is--how lovingly they care for their little ones, how wisely they train them, how carefully they protect them. It warms my heart.

On Friday I got to view grandchild #6 for the first time via Esther’s ultrasound. (Mark had to work.) How amazing to see the spine, four heart chambers, the little right arm tucked under the chin (posing for the photographer?), the lips (no cleft), and the little girl parts. Yes, she's a girl, and she's more beautiful than your....oh wait. I wasn't going to go that route.

She's due around Aug 9, the week Phineas (Jesse and Becky's firstborn) will turn one. She will join her 7-year-old stepsister. Lily, and 9-year-old stepbrother, Xander. And there you have a rundown of our Salt Lake City grands.

So the technician asked Esther if she brought a flash drive to take home the ultrasound pictures. We made a run to Walmart to buy one. There the preciousness of expecting a girl was reinforced by two shopping carts we passed. One contained two screaming boys and a girl sitting quietly. In the other cart sat a little girl and a crying boy who kept trying to climb out.

Then we came back to our house and I dug out pictures from my first ultrasound, which happened to be of Esther--29 years ago! Such a contrast. The pictures were so grainy the technician had marked things with a grease pen. A circle for “head,” a curved line for a part marked "body," and sex was determined by what you couldn't see! No sex organs--must be a girl.

We phoned Amber in Scotland so Esther could tell her "It's a girl!" and got to hear 11-month-old Ruby "reading" a picture book..."jabber, babble, blab." She can imitate a motor and some animal sounds too. My grandchild is smarter than...

Oh well, that accounts for our five-so-far grandkids. And like I said, for grandparents, the greatest joy is to see what "grand parents" their children have become.


  1. I enjoyed this...particularly your "oh, wait..." :)

  2. As a grandma of 1 sweet....although entering the twos with a "new" and opinionated personality...granddaughter, I recently saw a photo album labeled: "Grandkids fill the empty spot in your heart you didn't know you had." And I agree. I love watching our "kids" parent. It was great to see you again. Lori